Checkers Instead

March 27, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Levi whining at me for want of attention

Amber is putting on her scrubs and getting ready for work, so I’ll have to step in and record this evening’s events myself. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jon.

Two days ago, Amber anticipated that she would be craving HaHa Pizza tonight, so that was our first stop. The establishment, along with the entire Yellow Springs area, was extremely laid back, and I suspect that is why it took forever for our pizzas to arrive. During this time, I watched hungrily as Amber ate a hefty salad containing every vegetable but lettuce. Fortunately, once the food arrived, all complaints were forgotten (until now). Anyway… I need to be less wordy or I’ll spend all night writing this thing.

HaHa’s was great. I loved it.

Unfortunately, it was raining too much to explore the rest of Yellow Springs, so we moved on to the safe familliarity of Starbucks.

Upon noticing that the tables doubled as chessboards, I challenged Amber to a game. Since she didn’t have any idea how to play, we played checkers instead.

Since I don’t want to embarrass Amber, I won’t go into any more detail on her blog. Check out mine for more details (if I haven’t written about it when you check… just give me a little while. I’ll get to it sometime this weekend.)

I suspect the primary reason Amber had my company tonight was so that she could use my camera to photograph her dog. Of course half of her hard drive is committed to pictures of Levi already, but now she’s growing even more (sideways)

and it’d be a shame if we missed any stage in her development. So now I’ll present you with what tonight was really all about: taking pictures of Levi


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