can’t see my shadow

March 26, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Guster- Rainy Day

After work on a typical morning I drag myself to the gym and zombie my already exhausted body through some sweat-inducing workout. This morning I was feeling unusually energized. I watched the morning news with Alfie and saw that at 5:30am it was already a balmy 62 degrees. My motivation to drive to the gym was already waning after a traumatizing situation in which fellow treadmiller had a heart attack in my arms the other day….but I digress. So I joyfully pass up treadmill running for the great outdoors and park my jeep at Carillon Park, heading for the riverfront. I begin to run. But today isn’t the normal run…the training-for-marathon run, the desire-for-thin-thighs run, the push-until-it-hurts run. As each foot hits the pavement I feel stronger and faster and I want to run harder. Howie Day is pounding in my headphones and when she says she wants someone to love i hope you know that she doesn’t mean you and my eyes are fixed on the path ahead as I sort through my busy mind and offer my craziness up to God. And then I hear it. The loudest crackle and crash that completely overpowers my blaring mp3 player. Thunder and lightening and I seen the most ominous storm cloud hovering overhead. Within seconds the downpour starts and I try to look back through the torrential rain to come to the very sad realization that I’m about 5 miles from my jeep. Not feeling quite as bubbly and energized as I did a half hour before, I pull a 180 and begin sprinting. My hair is drenched and in my face so I continue running as I struggle to resecure it in my ponytail holder. No longer paying attention to path, my feet cross a strip of littered bubble wrap and the popping sound (very similar to shots) causes me to have my own heart attack. I scream hit the pavement in the same breath. Man down. 62 degrees doesn’t feel so spring-like and refreshing anymore.

Which of my many music-savvy friends is responsible for NOT introducing me to Howie Day? We need to have a talk! I’m not super crazy about his mediocre lyrics but his music and voice are great! Try him out.

I’m treating my very bruised ego (and knees and elbows) to HaHa’s pizza tonight. HaHa.

oh no you di-ent!


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