red wall

March 18, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Toby Lightman

If there’s one thing that will make my day glorious in a matter of minutes it is definitely getting back a roll of good black and white film. Every good roll contains at least one good shot of Kaitlyn…

and I even was happily suprised to find a few of Bryan from our amateur photo lesson sessions…

Isn’t he cute:)

But my favorite of all were the pictures I took of Esther so you all could meet her…

Is it bad that pictures like these make me want the world to see people how I see them through my lens? I want this picture of Esther to tell her story for her. I’ve been considering putting together a photography portfolio for a while now but these pictures inspired me to take action. Yesterday I called this super cool photography gallery and spoke with the owner. I asked him he would advise/mentor me as I compiled a portfolio. I met with him today to show him some of my work. Wow, I’ve never felt so intimidated about letting someone see my pictures. I walked into his gallery and was absolutley taken by the amazing photographs he has on display from Spain, England, Ireland and New York. He looked through my stuff, told me which ones he thought I should use in my portfolio and gave me a quick critique on most of the others but mainly complimented me on my ability to capture emotion and expression. He showed me how to make slides and told me he’d help me do the matting if I wanted. Still awestruck by how great his work was, I asked if he’d ever been published. He said no. He said all he ever hoped to do is make enough money to continue taking pictures and doing what he loved. He said that his photography has done just that and he couldn’t hope for more. Before I left he warned me about how cut-throat it is entering contests and applying for exhibits. He said that my photographs will say something different to everyone-good or bad-but as long as they continue to speak to me, I will be great.


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