Come downstairs and say hello…

December 15, 2003

hear it in the stairwell: Guster-Careful

I am so excited to blog about my weekend because I did so many fun things and have pictures to prove it! And I want to write about the Over the Rhine concert before I forget all of the tiny details that I know Amanda will love. And I want to post pictures of my Withers’ kids at the children’s museume Saturday. And I’ll show you all Levi’s reaction to sledding: Bryan and I took him in the snow for the first time! And moving day #1 results will be posted so all helping on moving day #2 will know what to expect!

Alright, this week is finals week at AFIT so all of the air force grad guys are gathering franitcally and spouting off statistics that make my head hurt, I need to get out of here. Check back later…


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