pocket change for a miracle

December 12, 2003

hear it in the stairwell:Delirious?- King of Fools (super old school)

Remember when I bragged about setting off fireworks for Bryan’s birthday (see Nov. 21st) and how I’m the best friend in the world for it? Now I have pictures to prove it…

I’m still working to round up pictures of the lion. Stay tuned.

Ah, the countdown of days I have left in The Hotel begins as my apartment crumbles into little hotel pieces. My bathroom ceiling became a part of my bathroom floor the other day, none of the hall lights are working and my door hinge is still broken! Speaking of my still cool yet rapidly crappy apartment, for those of you who expressed pity for me by offering to help me move, scheduled moves are as follows:

Saturday December 13th: 10 a.m.- around noon. meet at The Hotel

Saturday December 20th: 10 a.m. – finished (this date subject to time change)

Just call if you are available and willing to help or just stand around and tell jokes. Breakfast included:)

I was sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday and in my efforts to stay awake I picked up a Newsweek and began flipping through it. I came across an intriguing article, “Faith and Healing: Is religion good medicine?” It just talked a lot about how doctors are feeling more and more ill-equiped to help their patients because they have no education on how to respond to dying patients who say things like “Now that I’m dying, I realize that I never really learned how to live.” A 20-year doctor admitted that her first thought was “My God, the chaplain doesn’t work on weekends!”

This raises an incredibly interesting question: If 84% of Americans think that praying for the sick improves their chances of recovery, why are religion and medicine still so separate?

Can religion slow cancer? Reduce depression? Speed recovery from surgery? Lower blood pressure? Can belief in God delay death? How do you measure the power of prayer? Can one person’s prayer be more powerful — and more effective — than another’s? How do you separate the health benefits of going to church from the fact that people who attend religious services tend to smokeless and be less depressed than those who don’t? People who attend church regularly have a 25 percent reduction in mortality than nonchurch goers.

Although I’m thrilled that someone has realized the necessesity of integrating religion and medicine, I can’t help but feel the Newsweek article is still way off base. The article references studies where some patients are prayed for and others are not. To think that God would only respond to the group that was prayed for and leave the other group out in the dark is based on total misconceptions of how God responds to prayer. God is not a machine you can pop quarters into and get a miracle soda.

On a lighter note…

Yea! Over the Rhine tonight!

Pictures to follow!


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